Automated Image Capture And Analysis System iBright™ 1500

iBright™ 1500 Imaging System

Catalog number:A44240
Model:iBright™ CL1500 and FL1500
Brand::Invitrogen/Thermofisher scientific - Mỹ

The iBright™ CL1500 Imaging System allows users to image chemiluminescent Western blots, DNA and RNA gels stained with fluorescent nucleic acid stains, and visible protein gels. The iBright™ FL1500 Imaging System adds the capability of imaging fluorescent Western blots using multiple dyes. The iBright™ imagers use a simple design and intuitive workflows to deliver highresolution images. They can be run directly from the touchscreen to start and create images, while also providing on-board software for image analysis. To further analyze data, the instrument can be integrated with the iBright™ Image Analysis Software available for desktop and Connect

Features of the iBright CL1500 and FL1500 Imaging System:
• 9.1 MP cooled CCD camera: high sensitivity and dynamic range to help enable the detection of subtle differences in samples
• Five fluorescence channels: multiplex and capture up to four proteins in a single blot for more meaningful and representative experiments (IBright FL1500)
• Smart Exposure technology: provides rapid determination of optimal exposure time to help minimize the need to repeat exposures to acquire the desired signal
• Simple interface: clear layout of functions and features combined with a 12.1-inch capacitive touchscreen for a smooth imaging experience
• Advanced automated features: automatic sample rotation, automatic zoom, and automatic focus help streamline image capture
• 22.5 x 18.0-cm field of view: large field of view for high-throughput imaging (image up to four mini or two midi blots at a time)
• Green LED-based transilluminator: effectively excite popular DNA dyes such as ethidium bromide and Invitrogen SYBR Green dyes with an alternative to UV-based transilluminators
• Flexible connectivity: export captured images via ethernet connection, Wi-Fi (with optional accessory), USB, or directly to Connect cloud-based platform
• Multiple image analysis options: perform densitometry, quantitation, and normalization directly using the on-instrument software, or for more in-depth analysis use iBright Analysis Software (available in both desktop and cloud-based versions)



Component Quantity
iBright™ Imaging System 1
Power cord (region specific) 1
Quick Reference Guide 1
White transilluminator screen 1
iBright™ Imaging System Sample Blot 1
Sample stage/turntable 1
Product Information Sheet 1
Safe Imager™ Viewing Glasses 1

Camera Cooled 16-bit CCD camera 
Resolution 9.1MP
Lens 25mm, f/0.95
Field of view 22.5x18cm
Binning modes 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 8x8 (maximum flexibility for adjusting resolution and sensitivity based on needs)
Zoom 1–8x (1–2x mechanical + 1–4x digital) (Mechanical zoom maximizes sensitivity by moving the camera closer to the sample stage, reducing focal length)
Touchscreen 12.1 inch capacitive LCD display, 1,024 x 768 pixels
Hard drive 256 GB SSD
USB  02 USB 2.0
Network Ethernet port, Connect (cloud-based) connectivity, optional Wi-Fi (adapter sold separately)
Image file G2i,TIFF, JPG, PNG, PDF
Illumination source
  • Green LED (470–550 nm)  transilluminator
  • Epi white LED
  • Epi near-IR LED (FL 1500)

4 filters (2 excitation, 2 emission) (CL1500)

12 filter (6 excitation, 6 emission) (FL1500)

Dimensions (LxWxH) 68 cm x 38 cm x 60 cm
Weight 50Kg
Power supplier 100–240 ±10% VAC; 50/60 Hz
Automated featured
  • Automatic zoom
  • Automatic focus
  • Automatic exposure (Smart Exposure)
  • Automatic on-board image analysis

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